Murray McDavid Bodach-Aislig. Distilled 1980, bottled in October 2015, aged 35 years. Crafted Blend Limited Release. 379 bottles, 46%

For a change, something older and not a single malt. This blend contains whisky from all five Scottish whisky regions, it’s matured in bourbon barrels and finished in sherry casks. A quote from Murray McDavid website: “This is a blend crafted from fine old single malt and single grain whiskies – Glenrothes, Glengoyne, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu, Port Dundas, Cameronbridge and North British.”

So let’s see what’s happening

Color: Bronze.

Nose: Oh well, this dram is for the fall, such autumnal aromas are rising from my Glencairn. Vanilla flavoured Scottish fudge & mint chocolate. From the garden crushed mint leaves and from India a kick of spices. Some sour notes such as sweet soya sauce (ketjap manis). 35 years of maturing at Coleburn’s dunnage warehouse has left its mark on the aroma: earthy notes and of course oak. Something that you wouldn’t expect judging from the start of the nosing: a hint of rosewater. With water it turns more floral but also woodier. A little bit of wood shavings.

Palate: Medium bodied. The arrival is not as sweet as could be expected from the nose. Dark chocolate with a touch of oak. Berry flavoured tea. Dried fruits, sour notes underneath. I preferred this one neat, water just flattens the flavours and pushes more oak into the front.

Finish: Over-brewed tea. Not very long.

Verdict: A very interesting whisky, just not quite up my alley, so to speak.

Murray McDavid Bodach-Aislig. Destilado en 1980, embotellado en octubre 2015, añejado 35 años. Crafted Blend Limited Release. 379 botellas, 46%

Para variar, algo más viejo y no single malt. Este blend contiene whisky de todas las cinco regiones de whisky de Escocia. Está madurado en barriles de bourbon y acabado en barriles de jerez. Una cita de la página web de Murray McDavid: “Es un blend creado de buenos single malts y whiskies de grano – Glenrothes, Glengoyne, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu, Port Dundas, Cameronbridge y North British”.

Pues, vamos a ver qué pasa.

Color: Bronce.

Nariz: Bueno, es una copita para el otoño, tantas aromas otoñales vienen de mi Glencairn. Dulce de leche escocés con aromas de vainilla & chocolate de menta. Del jardin unas hojas de menta y de la India un golpe de especias. Unas notas amargas como salsa de soja dulce (ketjap manis). 35 años madurando en los almacenes de Coleburn ha dejado su huella en el aroma: notas de tierra y por supuesto roble. Algo que no se esperaría juzcando por el principio de la nariz: un toque de agua de rosas. Con agua aparecen más notas florales pero también más boscosas. Un poco de virutas.
Tamdhu warehouse

Paladar: De cuerpo medio. El principio no es tan dulce como se podría esperar después de la nariz. Chocolate negro con un toque de roble. Infusión de bayas. Frutas secadas, hay unas notas amargas abajoPrefiero tomar éste puro, el agua solo aplana los sabores y empuja el roble en el frente.

Final: Té demasiado reposado. No muy largo.

Veredicto: Un embotellamiento muy interesante, solamente no es lo mío.


Bottle pic: Murray McDavid.com


WhiskyBloke's visit to the Emerald Isle (Jameson - Teeling - Bushmills) in July 2017


Jameson Distillery Bow St. is the original site in Dublin where Jameson Irish Whiskey
was distilled until 1971.Today an Irish whiskey tourist attraction. As you might well know,
Jameson whisky is distilled in the biggest distillery in Ireland, at Midleton distillery in Cork.

Fill your own cask strenght Jameson (Black Barrel).

Strong stuff
A tourist attraction indeed

Some milestones of Jameson distillery

Old advertising

Ancient Jameson bottlings

Start of the Jameson's tour

On the tour

From left to right, Scotch whisky (Johnny Walker), Irish whiskey (Jameson) and
American whisky (Jack Daniels). This little tasting demonstrated differences
between different production methods of whisky making.

Middleton whiskies in the gift shop

Some fascinating sample bottles behind the glass.

Wall of whiskey

Fancy cask ends

Famous Bow street

Dublin landmark - The Spire of Dublin

The Brazen Head is officially Ireland's oldest pub, dating back to 1198, a must visit.
The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Teeling Whiskey Co in the heart of Dublin

Wall of fame

Beginning of the distillery tour

Mash tun...

...bubbling joyfully

Technical stuff
The Teeling potstills....

...are named after Jack Teeling's daughters: Rebecca, Natalie and Alison.

Final products

Oak from France - Calvados casks

Modern distillery looks like this today

In Nothern Ireland, Ireland's oldest distillery, Old Bushmills, est. 1608.

Useful map

Recycling in an Irish way

Old versus...


Bushmill's whiskey shop

In the horizon - the paradise island - Islay
The Giant's Causeway, about three miles northeast of the Bushmills distillery, worth to visit.



WhiskyBloke's road trip to Scotland in May 2017

 Here is a photo report from our latest journey to Scotland. Let the pictures speak.

Blasts from the past - two closed distilleries in the Lowlands. The first one just a few miles from Edinburgh airport - Saint Magdalene, founded 1795 - closed 1983.

A few miles to the west, Rosebank distillery . Founded in 1798 - mothballed in 1993.

Tullibardine in Blackford. Founded in 1949, capacity 3 million litres. One of the easiest distilleries to drive to in Scotland. Half an hour drive from Rosebank to the north.

Tullibardine, visitor center
Famous cat - Towser
Famous grouse

Just another half an hour to the north is the Scotland's oldest distillery The Glenturret, founded in 1775.
A very small capacity, only 340 000 litres.

Glenturret, home of the Famous Grouse
On the road to Aberfledy

Aberfeldy distillery, founded in 1896, home of the Dewars. Capacity 3,5 million litres.

Aberfeldy's stylish visitor center

Mystical morning fog in Pitlochry

The spiritual home of Bell's blended whisky in the town of Pitlochry. Founded in 1798, capacity 2,8 million litres.

Blair Athol´s visitor center

Edradour, one of the smallest in Scotland. Founded in 1825, capacity 130 000 litres. Located just a few miles from the Blair Athol distillery.

As the Signatory Vintage is the owner of the Edradour distillery,
you may empty your wallet in their shop at the distillery

so let's be careful out there!

No, this is not a picture from the Islay.

Whisky Castle, an excellent whisky shop in Tomintoul.

Tomintoul distillery, founded in 1965. Capacity 3,3 million litres. 5 miles south west from the Glenlivet distillery.

Ballindalloch distillery. Founded in 2014, capacity 100 000 litres.

The Glenlivet distillery. Founded in 1824, capacity 10,5 million litres.

Family-owned Glenfarclas distillery. Founded in 1836, capacity 3,5 million litres.

Moo! When you arrive at Cragganmore, the first thing you'll encounter are cows.
Only a ten minute drive from the Glenfarclas distillery.
Cragganmore distillery, founded in 1869. Note the black fungus on the warehouses.
Cragganmore's cozy visitor center

Dailuaine distillery. Founded in 1852, capacity 5,2 million litres. 10 minute drive from the Cragganmore distillery.

A huge construction site at Macallan

  The Easter Elchies house at the Macallan. The distillery is founded in 1824. 
Today's capacity is 11 million litres but it will rise to 15 million litres when the new distillery is operative.
Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown (founded in 1886). The world´s most sold single malt, capacity a whopping 14 million litres. 
Morris @ the Glenfiddich
If you´re feeling thirsty, turn the tap.

Whisky in the making

Many stills - many shapes

Bottling plant at Glenfiddich

The 3 hour distillery tour starting at The Balvenie.
Founded in 1892, capacity 6,8 million litres.
Traditional floor malting at the Balvenie distillery
You can feel the heat - hard labour (The Balvenie)

No computers, the old school methods rule at Balvenie / Kininvie

Funky beer splashing

The Balvenie distillery cooperage
Professionals at work at the cooperage, noisy job indeed

Empty barrels at the Balvenie backyard
Uuh, that was yammy!
Sample bottles at the Balvenie visitor center
The Balvenie tasting
The Balvenie castle, next to the Glenfiddich distillery. Originally known as Mortlach, it was built in the 12th century.

Aberlour distillery (founded in 1879, capacity 3,8 million litres) in the town of Aberlour. 

‘The mouth of the chattering burn’. The watersource of Aberlour distillery.

The Dronac burn at the GlenDronach. Founded in 1826, capacity 1,4 million litres.

Backyard of GlenDronach distillery

Fill your own bottle from the Distillery Manager´s cask
(GlenDronach distillery), been there - done that.

A beautiful day in "the Valley of the Brambles".

Nice combo at the end of the tour.

Recycling is a beautiful thing.
Obligatory photograph from Scotland
The River Spey

Cardhu distillery. Founded 1824, capacity 3,4 million litres.
Important component in the Johnny Walker blend.

Tamdhu distillery.  Founded in 1896, capacity 4 million litres.

Neighbour distillery of Tamdhu, Knockando distillery. By car only 1 minute drive.
Founded in 1898, capacity 1,4 million litres.

Just a ten minute drive from the Knockando and there is the Dalmunach distillery, founded in 2015. It has been built on the site of the former Imperial distillery. Capacity 10 million litres.

Historic Dallas Dhu distillery. Founded in 1898, closed in 1983, turned into a whisky museum.

Benromach distillery in the town of Forres. The smallest distillery in Speyside, capacity 0,7 million litres. Founded in 1898, owned by the independent bottling company Gordon & MacPhail.

Gordon and MacPhail whisky shop in Elgin.

Benriach distillery (founded in 1897) a few miles south from the city of Elgin, capacity 2,8 million litres.

A view from the Benriach towards Longmorn

Pigs in the field, right next to Benriach distillery. It was an extremely hot day in Scotland, especially in May (+31 celsius)!
Longmorn distillery (founded in 1894), neighbour distillery of Benriach,
capacity 4,5 million liters.

Beautiful Speyburn distillery in Rothes. Founded in 1897, capacity 4,2 million liters.

Glenlossie (founded in 1876) and Mannochmore (founded in 1971) distillery complex. Glenlossie's capacity 3,7 million litres, Mannochmore´s capacity 6 million litres.

Glen Spey distillery (founded in 1878) in Rothes, capacity 1,4 million litres.
The vast majority of the output goes to the blend J&B.

The Glenrothes distillery in the town of Rothes, next to Glen Grant distillery. Founded in 1878, capacity 5,6 million litres, one of the main components in Cutty Sark blend.

Tamnavulin distillery, a 20 minute drive from the world's malt whisky capital Dufftown. Founded in 1966. Capacity 4 million litres, majority of the production is used for blended whiskies. 
Royal Lochnagar distillery, right next to the Balmoral castle. Founded in 1845, capacity only 0,5 million liters.
Royal Lochnagar's cozy visitor center.
Balmoral castle

1974 SC Balvenie at Balvenie distillery, 40+yo.
16 yo SMWS Cragganmore at Craigellachie
Hotel's Quaich Bar.
Juicy and deligthful it was indeed.

23 yo Longmorn single cask at Highlander Inn.
Bottled for Highlander Inn Hotel / bar.

Royal Mile Whiskies at Edinburgh

Distillery facts and figures: Malt Whisky Yearbook 2017